Three-Dollar Router Rebooter Has One Job | Hackaday

Sometimes connectivity problems go away by power cycling a router. It’s a simple but inconvenient solution to a problem that shouldn’t exist, but that didn’t stop [Mike Diamond] f… Source : Three-Dollar Router Rebooter Has One Job | Hackaday

This mouth mechanism is controlled by your typing

Will Cogley, known for his awesome animatronics, has created a robotic mouth that’s already a work of art and could form the basis of something even more amazing. The device features an array of servo mechanisms to actuate its jaw, forceps, cheeks, and a tongue….

Greg’s Harp is an Arduino-powered robotic string instrument

Frank Piesik recently designed a robotic three-stringed instrument for his friend, Gregor, that features a unique sound and mechanical arrangement. Notes are selected by an array of 12 servos — four for each string — which pull down using a loop mechanism. The aptly named…

An Arduino-Free Automatic Alcohol Administrator

With all the hands-free dispenser designs cropping up out there, the maker world could potentially be headed for an Arduino shortage. We say that in jest, but it’s far too easy to use an Ardu… Source : An Arduino-Free Automatic Alcohol Administrator

Seeeduino XIAO – Small but Powerful Arduino Board

Seeedstudio XIAO Product PageSeeedstudio XIAO WIKI Stuck at home because of the quarantine, and looking for something to do? Look no further, how about creating a DIY project with Seeeduino XIAO! S… Source : Seeeduino XIAO – Small but Powerful Arduino Board

Open source : la solution au manque de respirateurs utilisés contre le coronavirus ? Des pistes à base de plateformes comme Arduino émergent à côté de prototypes de systèmes mécaniques à bas coût

Les respirateurs artificiels, utilisés notamment pour les patients en insuffisance respiratoire aigüe, sont essentiels dans les cas graves de coronavirus. En Italie, leur pénurie est devenue le problème numéro face à l’afflux de patients atteints, les hôpitaux sont débordés et parfois obligés de procéder au…